Digital Collaborations Playbook

The Digital Collaborations Playbook was created by Kateryna Pereverza, Oleksii Pasichnyi and Hayley Ho in 2021 based on their experience of facilitating collaborative processes in digital spaces. The exercises included in the Playbook were piloted within two master-level courses in KTH – “Transdisciplinary Approaches for System Innovations” and “Smart Cities and Climate Mitigation Strategies”. 

The Playbook was created to inspire others to develop digital facilitation techniques and spaces to support collaborative learning. We would like to thank for their support and collaboration Hanna Eggestrand and Olga Kordas, and all students of AL2115 and MJ2685.

The Playbook was partially funded by KIC InnoEnergy. It is available under the Creative Commons license CC BY- NC- SA 4.0. Please refer to it as follows: 

Pereverza, K., Ho, H., Pasichnyi, O. 2021. Digital Collaborations Playbook