Strategic Innovation Agenda for Smart Sustainable Cities


The overall aim of this project was to develop a Strategic Innovation Agenda to build capacity and critical mass in SSC research and innovation to enable a sustainability transition in cities worldwide. The goals of this agenda are to:

  1. Identify actors and potential SSC research and innovation projects,
  2. Establish relationships and cooperation between actors around SSC research and innovation projects,
  3. Deepen and strengthen the scientific understanding on smart sustainable cities,
  4. Enable implementation of SSC technologies and solutions in Swedish test beds, and
  5. Create a base for increased international competitiveness of Swedish universities, research institutions and companies in attracting research and innovation funds and exporting smart sustainable technologies and solutions.






Vinnova & KTH



ABB, City of Stockholm, Ericsson, HS2020, Lund University, Siemens, SP


Involved UrbanT members

Olga Kordas, David Lazarevic, Oleksii Pasichnyi




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Posted on

December 1, 2013